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            Thats probably true, Ron. I was painting with a broad brush.
    However, they
    are the most vocal and the most quick to condemn those who disagree. Thanks
    for your comment.

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    To be fair, I think you are caricaturing the conservative approarch when
    you use phases like "simple literalist interpretation" and "Conservative
    interpreters therefore see science as the enemy". It is true that there
    is a very vocal segment of conservatives who might be classifed as such
    (Creation Science advocates and the YEC crowd), but there are also
    conservatives who have a very nuanced view of verbal inspiration that
    recognizes that a wooden, literal approach is too simplistic, and
    therefore introduce many different literary genre in their
    interpretative activities (and yet try to integrate that approach with
    verbal inspiration).

    Oh well, just wanted to throw that it and see if it sticks.


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