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Date: Mon Jul 01 2002 - 13:10:34 EDT

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    Note to all-

    About a more sophisiticated defense of the conservative view...

    When I was in seminary (it's hard to believe it was over 10 years ago
    now), there was
    a book I read called simply Inerrancy. Anyhow, I belive it was
    published by the
    International Council on Biblical Inerrancy. This book was written by team of
    scholars and addressed many of the issues raised by Shuan

    Again as a side note, those of us who have a more conservative view
    of scripture
    should thank brothers like Shuan who are pointing out holes and
    issues in our theory
    of inspiration. If we hold to the dictum that all truth is God's
    truth, then we
    should never be afraid to go where the evidence leads. (By the way, the phrase
    'evidence leads' is loaded with meaning as all of us have interpretative lenses
    (worldviews, assumptions, bias's, etc.) through which we view the 'facts'- this
    explains why 2 equally skilled and educated scholars can arrive a different
    conclusions). But, I digress.....

    Anyhow, I have no problem holding a 'nuanced' conservative approach
    as a working
    theory of inspiriation, knowing full well that there are issues and
    problems that we
    conservatives simply have not solved- I even fully admit that maybe
    this approach
    will inevitably be found wanting, but none of this discussion will
    shake me in my core
    conviction (I guess this is the heart of faith) that it is rational
    and reasonable to
    believe in the core components of the salvation message- the death, burial and
    resurrection of Jesus (which even the Apostle Paul indicated where
    the cornerstone of
    Christianity - 1 Cor. 15). So take heart, Christ is still Lord and
    the Scriptures are
    still a light of hope to humanity, even if we all don't agree on
    admittedly important
    matters like the nature of the Bible.

    Have a great day!


    Shuan Rose wrote:

    > Thats probably true, Ron. I was painting with a broad
    >brush. However, they
    > are the most vocal and the most quick to condemn those who disagree. Thanks
    > for your comment.
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    > Shuan:
    > To be fair, I think you are caricaturing the conservative approarch when
    > you use phases like "simple literalist interpretation" and "Conservative
    > interpreters therefore see science as the enemy". It is true that there
    > is a very vocal segment of conservatives who might be classifed as such
    > (Creation Science advocates and the YEC crowd), but there are also
    > conservatives who have a very nuanced view of verbal inspiration that
    > recognizes that a wooden, literal approach is too simplistic, and
    > therefore introduce many different literary genre in their
    > interpretative activities (and yet try to integrate that approach with
    > verbal inspiration).
    > Oh well, just wanted to throw that it and see if it sticks.
    > -Ron

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