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Date: Tue Jul 02 2002 - 13:54:50 EDT

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    Bob Schneider wrote: "Let me offer another explanation, based on my
    interpetation of Genesis 19. I think that the popular notion that the story
    of Sodom constitutes a condemnation of homosexuality is mistaken; rather,
    the story is a condemnation of the violation of the sacred law of

    I did not mention this aspect of the story; I agree with Bob.

    Bob continues: "Rather than making the offer in terror, with no intention to
    following through, I think that Lot is going to extremes to protect his
    guests, to whom he has shown hospitality... ."

    Whether or not Lot intended to follow through is a problemmatical question,
    of course. Whether or not Lot was "in terror" may, however, be fairly
    assumed. You are correct that guest protection was a very high goal in those
    times, and it is entirely possible that Lot would have actually followed
    through with his virgin daughters had the guests not stepped in.

    Bob offers: "That none of the early Jewish or Christian commentators found
    it worthy of comment may be equally shocking--it is to me."

    I don't know that this is true, although I have never found any who did so.
    It does seem that the scriptures, which purport to tell us about ethical
    questions, never address the situation, and I have no explanation for this
    that satisfies me.

    Bob again: "I wonder what the Hebrews who heard this story in its early
    tellings thought of it all?"

    The jewish people have a tradition of debating the scriptures; it is
    possible they have addressed it somewhere in he Torah.

    Bob:"Finally, I'm not sure I would agree that Lot is a good man. He
    really doesn't come off well in the Genesis stories."

    I think scripture describes him as "good." Not particularly a person worthy
    of emulation though.

    Thanks for the observations.


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