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Date: Tue Jul 02 2002 - 14:03:53 EDT

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    Keith observes: "In the case of lots, God's sovereign control over all
    events even random ones is assumed. To me, this provides a direct counter
    to the claim that an appeal to chance or random processes is in conflict
    with God's providential control. In the casting of lots, God's action is
    explicity assumed for just such processes."

    I agree, of course. The questions(not all, of course) are, however, (1)is
    this something we should see as normative for our day? (2)If it was
    operative in the time of Acts 1, why is it not operative today? (3) If it is
    operative today, why do we not use it? (4) Did God at one time control the
    casting of lots (at least some of the time) and stop doing that after the
    time of Acts 1?

    Questions are easier to formulate than answers, of course. My own view is
    that there is no reason, logical or scriptural, to assume God's control over
    the casting of lots was any different 2000 years ago than it is today. I
    know -- that does not even begin to answer the questions.


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