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    At least by the 10th edition (1758, the official start for scientific
    nomenclature), Linnaeus identified bats as mammals. He grouped them
    with primates, which some recent evolutionary models have advocated.

    I would not regard the classification of bats with birds, etc. as
    scientific errors because I would not regard the relevant verses as
    scientific claims.

    This can be a legitimate problem to raise, in that some people do try
    to take such statements as true scientific statements supporting the
    authority of the Bible. Just the other day, someone was saying that
    the rabbit really does chew its cud and thus science supports the
    Bible. Ken Ham was mentioned as a source of information, though not
    specifically for that piece of information. However, identifying
    these passages as scientific errors seems to me to make the same
    mistake, misinterpreting the Bible as intending to convey science.

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