RE: Bats, bugs, bunnies...

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Thu Jul 04 2002 - 05:11:56 EDT

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    Shuan writes in reply to David

    >>I would not regard the classification of bats with birds, etc. as
    >>scientific errors because I would not regard the relevant verses as
    >>scientific claims.

    >I'll buy that approach. Sounds like you, I and Mr. Seely can join hands
    >over the idea that THe Bible is not meant to be a science textbook.

    Is there one person on this list who claims that the Bible is a science
    textbook? My guess here is that you are inferring a whole lot more than
    what you are willing to directly state. Otherwise, why would you be
    "joining hands" with anybody over such a trifling matter?

    I repeat the idea that the OT is extremely grounded in history.
    I FIRMLY argue that you are challenging historicity as well as science,
    judging by your past posts. As I recall, you also went on to challenge
    the Bible's theology.

    At this point, I am becoming amused. I am wondering what you are going
    to challenge next. You continue to be in "challenge" mode. As long as
    you are there, you are never going to "get" the Bible. But thanks for the


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