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Date: Fri Jul 05 2002 - 18:22:56 EDT

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    Jim, your god is too small.

    If B below is true, and there are any errors in the Bible, then your god is

    If C is true, then we all should just stand up, turn off our minds, and
    salute Pat Robertson.

    Lucy the Lurker

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    >Shuan writes
    > >I'd still like some comments on the rest of my post , which
    > >involve more substantive issues.
    >Shuan, please stop trying to relegate the Bible to a human
    >document. I haven't seen you acknowledge ANY responses as
    >explanations to why you are criticizing a straw man.
    >You have a "modern lens" that is ignoring what the Bible
    >authors were trying to say. Let me suggest a proper order for
    >A) God is almighty (you said that yourself)
    >B) Biblical errors reflect on God.
    >C) You may not like this. People who go around demanding
    > explanations for Biblical "errors" are not building anybody
    > up. It would be really nice if we focused on Biblical
    > accuracies!

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