The flood (was RE: Why no 2350 BC Mesopotamian flood evidence?)

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Date: Sat Jul 06 2002 - 14:48:16 EDT

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    Glenn to Mike

    >>Some on this list have disputed
    >>this assertion, saying that evidence of extensive flooding has
    >>been found in
    >>Mesopotamia that has been dated to about 3500 BC, which they say
    >>is about the
    >>time the Bible indicates Noah's flood took place, and thus they say these
    >>"flood deposits" may have been laid down by Noah's flood.

    >For the record, those who claim widespread flooding, can not point to a
    >single holocene geologic formation and say 'This is the flood sediment'.
    >Reputed flood sediemnts never date the same from city to city and appear to
    >be local point bars or ox-bow lake deposits.

    For the record, there is archaeological (and other) evidence of widespread,
    same time flooding in Mesopotamia. My goal isn't to make a "big fuss." It
    would just be nice if Glenn acknowledged evidence that was contrary to his
    current way of thinking. Just speaking up for those of us who want to give
    the Bible some credit. And for the record, (no Mike, I won't debate this
    my belief is that the Bible points to a c. 2450 BC date. And the
    errs to the side that you would expect archaeology to err towards (dating
    too old). And I've seen archaeology dating the flood as recent as 2600 BC.

    It doesn't seem like "ox-bow lake deposits" or "local point bars" would
    appear simultaneously in several cities. But more importantly, it doesn't
    seem like the Bible would be wrong about such an event. YMMV.

    Jim Eisele
    Genesis in Question

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