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From: Terry M. Gray (
Date: Sat Jul 06 2002 - 21:19:56 EDT

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    Dear ASA list,

    The large number of posts today has reminded me of a couple of list
    rules that I had planned to include when I posted the rules before.

    Here they are:

    No more than four posts a day will be allowed from any single list
    member. Members are encouraged to create substantive responses to
    related post in a given thread (perhaps cutting and pasting relevant
    sections from the posts to which they are responding). This policy 1)
    prevents only a few individuals from dominating the list; 2) helps
    restrain members who feel the need to respond to every post; 3)
    requires members to be more selective in what they respond to; and 4)
    encourages more substantive posts.

    Somewhat related to this rule is this additional rule:

    Quote only parts of the message that are relevant to your response.
    Messages that unnecessarily include large portions of a previous
    message will not be posted or will be edited by the moderator.
    Archives of the ASA list are immediately available at if you need to see the history of
    a given thread. These are arranged by date and time posted, author,
    and thread.

    As before, please send comments directly to me at rather than to the list.


    Terry M. Gray, Ph.D., Computer Support Scientist
    Chemistry Department, Colorado State University
    Fort Collins, Colorado  80523
    phone: 970-491-7003 fax: 970-491-1801

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