Re: The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind

From: Jonathan Clarke (
Date: Sun Jul 07 2002 - 19:31:09 EDT

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    Anything by Mark Noll is a must read, in my opinion. The sandal of the
    evangelical mind is a must for all evangelicals interested in scholarship and
    non-evangelicals interested in this particular branch of Christianity. He is a
    fine Christian with a clear and incisive understanding on many issues.


    Shuan Rose wrote:

    > Anybody knows much about this guy? I see that he is featured on PBS'
    > Evolution website.

    "It is not easy to see how the more extreme forms of nationalism can 
    long survive
    when men have seen the earth as a pale crescent dwindling against the stars,
    until at last they look for it in vain".

    Arthur C. Clarke

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