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Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 12:24:13 EDT

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    Allen posted, in part:"There is another stance on inspiration which you do
    not mention. It has some similarities with the C position. Rather than
    verbal inspiration, where every single word came directly from the Holy
    Spirit and the writers simply acted as penmen, it is call thought
    inspiration. ...

    I meant my position C (as well as L and R) to be exactly that. I did not
    address the "dictation" position -- perhaps I should have done so.

    Allen continues: "There is an important factor which is sometimes missed.
    Jesus gave us the comforter (i.e. the Holy Spirit) to lead us into all
    truth. This is the same Holy Spirit which inspired the Bible to be written
    in the first place. So, if we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in our study,
    then we can rest assured that the same truth which He inspired into the
    Bible, we can get out of the Bible."

    Whenever I see those magic words "you may rest assurred," I immediately
    suspect snake oil. I do not discount the HS, but the above is empirically

    Allen continues: "So who cares if all the numbers don't add up? Who cares
    if this list of names doesn't precisely match that list? There is a level
    at which truth exists even within a flawed matrix. We can still know the
    truth that God mean for us to know. It is not either fully inerrant or

    I agree. In point of fact that is my general thesis in all this.

    Allen again: "I believe that the reason why there is so many "denominations"
    and differences between what people believe is because none of us really
    allows the Holy Spirit to lead us as could be our privilege in our search
    for truth."

    Yeah sure. Well with that POV, why bother at all?

    Finally, recommending a 7th day adventist book, Allen writes: "He also
    proposes that the Bible is, for the most part, a Case book and not just a
    Code book."

    An interesiting thought. I might agree.


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