Re: Understanding Prophecy (was Re: Daniel)

From: Michael Roberts (
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 08:10:03 EDT

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    I would just like to say I am in basic agrreement with Bob and george.
    Frankly the whole Left Behind fairy tales and Hal Lindsey Late Great Planet
    Earth are simply nonsense and an insult to God and his word. It needs to be
    seen that Noll regards this as part of the The Scandal of the evangelical
    Mind - or rather the lack of it. I am appalled when I go into Christian
    bookshops and see alll the books of the left behind stable. It is quite
    clear that these type of writers do not submit themselves to the authority
    of Christ and the bible as they calmly ignore what Jesus said at the
    beginning of Acts. They are no better than the Jesus Seminar.

    I think the main argument for denying any value to the bible is the nonsense
    of creationism and misunderstandings of prophecy. All we know is that Christ
    will return and literally God knows how and when. That's good enough for me
    as a simple Christian.

    I loved Lucy's comment that Noll is only read at scholarly seminaries!

    I recommend everyone to read Noll The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind

    I will keep growling


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