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Date: Sun Jul 07 2002 - 17:37:42 EDT

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    Thanks for the reply.. Comments in green. Jay

    I think scientists en masse are more concerned with evidence than =
    who at times only want to win the case. This is because if they win the =
    then they get more money.

    Contingency work is usually medical and physical science based. =
    Therefore, experts provide its major evidence source through records, =
    publication, testing and testimony. =20

    There is far more rhetoric from lawyers than scientists.

    Both clog up the presses.

    Although scientists are and were far from blameless ( I can give lots of
    examples to support Jay and ones to contradict him)=20

    Thankee again. j

    I think Jay has a rather
    inadequate understanding of science.

    I guess I must have wasted a lot of tuition and time. j

    One ought to realize that hominoid anatomy etc is one of the more
    contentious areas of science and thus more "subjective" in contrast to =
    geology and the so-called exact sciences

    That is what I said, I thought. I simply am pointing out that some =
    scientists refuse to admit the subjective nature of their alleged facts =
    in this area where the "through a glass darkly" simile is most apropos. =


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