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Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 13:36:52 EDT

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    I'll put my plug in for Mark Noll. He is a fine scholar and a gentleman.

    I highly recommend _Scandal of the Evangelical Mind_. His _American
    Evangelical Christianity: An Introduction_ is good (full disclosure: I
    worked on it as his research assistant). Another volume that David
    Livingstone, D.G. Hart, and Noll were editors for and Noll to which
    contributed one essay is _Evangelicals and Science in Historical
    Perspective_; perspectives from both sides of the pond are included. His
    newest book, _The Old Religion in the New World: The History of North
    American Christianity_ is worth it solely for the extensive bibliography
    on North American history with numerous periods and regions covered in


    --- Ron Schooler <> wrote:
    > Mark Nolls newest book, The Old Religion in the New World: The History
    > of
    > North American Christianity, is an alternate selection of the History
    > Book
    > Club. He is at least one individual succeeding in overcoming the
    > "scandal."
    > Ron Schooler
    > >
    > > Shuan wrote:
    > >
    > > Anybody knows much about this guy? I see that he is featured on PBS'
    > > Evolution website.
    > >

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