Re: Why no 2350 BC Mesopotamian flood evidence?

Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 16:11:44 EDT

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    << At any rate, at the Affiliation of Christian Geologists meeting at
      the Geological Society of America meeting about six years ago or so,
      someone gave a talk on the possibility of the Persian Gulf as the
      site for Eden and Noah's Flood. He suggested that recently detected
      dry and buried river channels in Arabia could account for the other
      rivers besides the Tigris and Euphrates in Genesis 2. However, his
      flood model was more like Glenn's than Mike's in that he postulated
      the existence of a barrier blocking the southeast end of the Gulf
      that, in conjunction with Pleistocene sea level lowstand, produced
      the dry seabed. Rising sea level was then envisioned as breaching
      this barrier. He provided tentative speculation about the barrier
      and evidence for past lowered sea level in the Gulf, but the evidence
      is weak at that point.

    This sounds like the theory in Walter S. Olson, "Has Science Dated the
    Biblical Flood?" Zygon 2 (Sept, 1967) 274. The date is c. 9500 BC.


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