Supernova 1987A

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Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 17:28:45 EDT

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    Glenn Morton wrote:

       God had to manufacture the light in such a way as to form a sequence =
    images for a supernova event which never happened. God must make just =
    precise photon energies appear at the appropriate time. God must make =
    amplitude of the light images decay precisely with the successive =
    of Co-56 and then Co-57. But none of these made up events ever =
    Since only God Himself is powerful enough to create such an illusion, =
    God can not escape the charge of deception IF the supernova didn't =
    169,000 years ago as we see it.

    Thus I feel that in order to not have God deceiving us, I must believe =
    in an
    old earth.


    If light and time are created things, then God may have created them as =
    they are observed. =20

    So, too, with isotope decay rates and levels of decay. =20

    God's creation of something suddenly in a certain form is not deceptive.

    Your concept is that if our empirical observations and consequent =
    expectations of beginnings and endings do not mesh with statements made =
    in the Bible, than either the Bible is wrong or God is deceiving us.

    A few points:

    We do not see with God's eyes.

    We see things dimly, not as they are.

    The father of all lies is actively deceiving us all the time and can =
    show us whatever he wants whenever he wants.

    As to Peking Man, has Frank Brown ever found the missing fossils? =20

    As to Ms. Mead, we were talking about scientists and skepticism, and =
    your reference to Johnny Cochran is a good reason to be skeptical of =

    Again, this is an interesting exercise. As long as we can agree on =
    Christ and his message, the rest is window dressing.


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