Evidence for meteorite impact

From: Glenn Morton (glenn.morton@btinternet.com)
Date: Thu Jul 11 2002 - 00:25:40 EDT

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    As I mentioned, I am going through a year and a half of geological
    literature and ran into the following report which concisely outlines the
    things real geologists go through in order to determine if a feature is due
    to an impact. Milstein writes:

            "Eight characteristics of the Calvin structure lend support
    to origin by
    impact. The structure exhibits: 1) morphological characteristics of complex
    impact craters in sedimentary targets; 2) recognized relationships between
    depth, diameter and structural uplift used to identify surface impact
    craters; 3) geophysical patterns analogous to those of recognized impact
    craters with similar lithologic components; 4) a polymictic microbreccia; 5)
    quartz grains exhibiting single and multiple sets of decorated shock
    lamellae, Bohm lamellae, rhobohedral cleavage, and radiating conclusion
    fractures; 6)no igneous or hydrothermal mineralization associated with the
    structure; 7) time synchronous black metallic spherules, similar to those
    associated with meteoritic ablation and impact ejecta, in close proximity to
    the structure; and 8) a necessary energy release for structural origin of at
    least 5.9 x 10^18 J of energy without development of magma or any igneous
    material." Randall L. Milstein "Geology of the Calvin Impact Structure,
    Cass Co. Michigan," AAPG Bulletin, August 2001, p. 1536-1537

    On this supposed Iraqi meteor impact, none of the above has been
    investigated. All that has been done is mere speculation. The original
    report suggest,

    "It is POSTULATED that the structure was formed by a Recent bolide impact in
    the marshlands of southern Iraq, thus accounting for its geometry and the
    apparent rim and annulus visible in pre-1993 imagery." S. Master, žA
    Possible Holocene Impact Structure in the Al ŽAmarah Marshes Near the
    Tigris-Euphrates Confluence, Southern Iraq,Ó Abstracts, 64th Annual
    Meteoritical Society Meeting, 2001, p. 5196?

    Postulated, means just that--postulated. No other evidence supports this as
    a bolide impact. Even if it is an impact, there is no age for this event. It
    might be 2300 BC it might be 500 AD, It might be 5000 BC. Thus certain
    people make 2 assumptions in using this to support a flood--that it is a
    meteor and that it was at the correct time--neither of which has any
    evidence other than circularity.


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