Re: Anthropological items

From: Jay Willingham (
Date: Thu Jul 11 2002 - 01:42:56 EDT

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    Dr. Campbell,

    Saying it is so simply says you disagree, which is fine.

    But it does not make it so.

    The explanations around entropy are forced. =20

    A Soviet doing anything is suspect until it is duplicated by peers. Has =
    it been?

    Even if it has, it is a far cry from laboratory artificial hybridization =
    to increased complexity. Both parents lose, information, they do not =

    You believe in transition, I believe in extinction of co-existing =
    competitors, like Lucy.

    Taxonomical grouping and evolutionary theoretical descent are linked to =
    a great degree.

    Increased entropy by increased complexity? I think not. =20

    Peking man is an example of great suppositions based on the scantest of =
    evidence, lost save for casts. And since then we only have grab bags of =
    small parts from several specimens mixed and hypothetically assembled. =
    Competing species or antecedent? Interspecies love? =20

    Evolutionists too must take much on faith alone.


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