Re: Christian? On what basis?

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Date: Fri Jul 12 2002 - 14:57:25 EDT

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    Dear Sondra,

         I think there is no way to answer your rhetorical questions, or persuade
    you that you have misread so much of what has been written on this list. If
    you wish to interpret various statements the way you have, and judge the
    people who have posted these statements as you have, especially to judge
    that they have no business calling themselves Christians--well, you can do
    that. Perhaps staying with the list will only make you angier; but whether
    you stay or leave, go in peace.

    Bob Schneider

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    > Dear List,
    > I was wondering how some of you can disprove every foundation of faith and
    > still believe? Does this mean you have even more faith than the next guy
    > believes, say; the Bible has some truth to it? Every day I spend hours
    > reading through the posts from this group and heaven forbid I miss a day
    > longer, I spend an entire day!
    > These are the things I have learned from this list:
    > The Bible should be filed under science fiction, or fiction at best.
    > The flood never happened or at least not nearly the way I learned it
    > happened...which was; it was an event like never happened before or since.
    > According to what I learn on here, it is more likely a little worse than
    > what has happened in Texas.
    > I wasn't made in the image of God, I was evolved from another completely
    > different species, which leaves me with a bit of a problem about how I can
    > hope to have received an immortal soul somewhere in the process. Where and
    > when did we become more important to God than, say our predecessor or
    > predecessors? What, then makes me any different than the animals in the
    > Now, where do morals and ethics fit in?
    > That the people in the Bible aren't even who they say they are and they
    > speak with no authority whatsoever, just poetry, conjecture, folktales,
    > etc....
    > How am I supposed to believe that Jesus existed? That he was crucified?
    > he rose again and that I can be saved, and what am I to be saved FROM? If
    > the rest is just folk tales, what about Hell? What about Satan? Fairytales
    > too? How can I spread these ridiculous stories throughout all the world
    > based on a mythological mission to do so? Explain to me why I should
    > one iota of it when all of you claim you have 'scientific evidence' that
    > is all questionable if not proven completely wrong.
    > This is by no means a complete report on the things I have read on this
    > list, I'm sure there are numerous other myths I have been taught that have
    > been proven wrong. Every day I can't wait to read about the next myth I
    > believed, brought under fire and sunk. In all your fields of science and
    > "reason" has any one of you proven that one single thing about the Bible
    > anything related is true? How can any of you remain Christian's when the
    > is repeatedly pulled out from under it time and time again?
    > This list is like a scientific game of family feud, the host says, "and
    > data says?" DING...."it's a hoax!" But what are you guys still clinging
    > You make a person feel mentally ill for believing in such bunk, but you
    > yourselves call yourselves Christians, I don't get it.
    > The thing I'm banking on are the things you will never be able to
    > scientifically prove, or even claim to prove with any credibility. For
    > instance, I have dreams that come true. Scientifically explain THAT one to
    > me! How can I know the future before it has happened? Doesn't this go
    > against "science" do any of you have any theories on how I can dream about
    > things that haven't happened yet? Like Daniel's predictions, they don't
    > become prophetic until it happens in real life, I am just beginning to
    > recognise them as prophetic BEFORE they happen. I used to just ponder them
    > until they happened.
    > Please, please, please, convince me that there is a rational, scientific
    > explanation for them and every other "miraculous" event I have ever
    > experienced because I've already stopped putting any faith in reading the
    > Bible since it's so innacurate, now I would like to go all the way and
    > totally rule out any existance of God at all. Just think No God, no
    > punishment, no rules, no morals, I can stop this useless waste of half my
    > life trying to please a God that doesn't exist and store up treasures in a
    > place that doesn't exist. Besides, I'm only an animal, and my instincts
    > if it feels good, do it.
    > I guess after blowing off that steam; what the heck keeps you guys
    > professing to be Christian's when you have the data to prove that the
    > foundations of 'our' faith are a joke?
    > Wearing thin,
    > Sondra
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