The last name race

From: Walter Hicks (
Date: Sat Jul 13 2002 - 13:50:03 EDT

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    I just returned from never-never land.

    Glenn's recent post reminded me of something.

    Glenn Morton wrote: .

    > With the discovery of Sahelanthropus, Eve just got much older than that.
    > Thus, Mitochondrial Eve didn't look like us and she wasn't within the past
    > 60,000 years.
    > glenn

    I recall how you all showed me that it was necessary that genes, which are
    passed on by only one sex, must necessarily result in only one type of gene
    surviving. True for both male and female. Given the tradition of naming the
    family after the male member, it follows that sooner or later
    everyone will have
    the same last name (at least in the U.S.). Depending upon that last name, it
    could establish what religion we lean towards.

    Has anyone been checking recently to see if we Christians are winning the last
    name race ;)?


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