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Date: Sat Jul 13 2002 - 23:09:25 EDT

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    Here is a link to a talk by Malcolm Jeeves that deals
    with the concept of the soul in light of

    In Jeeves' and Berry's book Science, Life and
    Christian Belief, they discuss use of the term soul in
    Old and New Testament's quite a bit. Joel Green has
    written about this both in the Christians in Science
    journal and I think elsewhere on the use of the term
    soul by authors in the New and Old Testaments. It
    makes interesting reading.

    --- Walter Hicks <> wrote:
    > Dr. Blake Nelson wrote:
    > > In many areas, good scholarly research points out
    > that
    > > our current, popular interpretation of Holy
    > Scripture
    > > might not be what was intended by those who wrote
    > > those pieces of scripture. For example, you
    > refer to
    > > the immortal soul. While there is great debate
    > about
    > > what "soulishness" means, there is a very well
    > > supported line of scholarly research regarding
    > the
    > > understanding of the Old and New Testaments that
    > > contends that an immortal soul, as some
    > independent,
    > > non-material substance, added to our otherwise
    > > material makeup is not supported by the Holy
    > > Scriptures. Yet, these theologians and scholars
    > of
    > > the Old and New Testament retain their Christian
    > and
    > > creedal hope in the resurrection of the body.
    > None of
    > > the creeds say that a belief in an immortal soul
    > is a
    > > foundational belief of Christianity. Indeed, the
    > > arguments of these scholars focuse on the fact
    > that
    > > the immortal soul is a Greek philosophical graft
    > onto
    > > Christian theology.
    > Now that is imteresting --- and surprising.. I did
    > a word search for
    > soul and it sounds like the the OT tends to use it
    > as a synonym for a
    > person. But the NT definitly seems to speak of a
    > soul as someything
    > which we posess and which is more important than the
    > body -- like it is
    > not agood idea to loose it. Also there seems to be a
    > definite connection
    > to immoprtalirty in some of the verses --- but only
    > as related to Jesus
    > Christ.
    > Walt

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