Biblical Hebrew (was RE: Adam from dust...)

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Date: Sun Jul 14 2002 - 06:50:34 EDT

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    Hi Glenn,

    >>I may as well first say that I checked your "A Theory for Creationists"
    >>I give you credit for having the courage to tackle such a big issue. (Not
    >>that I agree with you).
    >>Your biblical interpretation severely suffers from lack of Hebrew
    >>however. The Bible says that God made Adam, or "the adam" from the dust of
    >>the ground. "Ha'adam" is the Hebrew transliteration. That's all it says.

    >So, how many years of Hebrew study have you had? Dust must be interpreted
    >more broadly than just dirt. Dust of the ground consists of about 95%
    >silicon dioxide, montmorillonite [(Na,Ca)0,3(Al,Mg)2Si4O10(OH)2Ín(H2O) ],
    >illite [ (K,H3O)(Al,Mg,Fe)2(Si,Al)4O10[(OH)2,(H2O)] ], and other inorganic
    >minerals. If we were really made of dust as we use the word, we would be
    >mostly metallic.

    First, I will again credit you for your courage. A lot of people lurk.
    When you post, you run the risk of an immediate counter-argument.
    I like the opportunity to grow. I get the feeling that a lot of people
    fearfully cling to past ways of thinking.

    Anyway, your post touched on a number of relevant topics, which I also
    you for. I think that I'll just address your first one, and we'll see what
    happens :-).

    I recommend for quick, profitable Hebrew study.
    Go under Bible search, then Interlinear Bible (as I recall, you may be
    prompted to install special fonts for the Hebrew, which is easy).

    Um, I'm not sure where you are going with your scientific formula :-).
    That's not in the Hebrew :-). I'll let you respond, but I hope that you
    are not trying to change the type of text that the Bible represents. That
    will get us nowhere fast :-(.


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