Re: Moon proclaims he is messiah! Impact on ID?

From: george murphy (
Date: Sun Jul 14 2002 - 19:36:36 EDT

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             I sent my earlier post before looking at the item Glenn refers to
    below. Having done so, I can heartily recommend it as the funniest religious
    news item I've seen in many years. Note especially the following:
             "At the celestial event, Muhammed is said to have led three cheers,
    while God submitted a letter stating, 'I believe in the True Parents.'"
             Just try to picture it. Words fail me.


    Glenn Morton wrote:

    > In a move which surely must cause a bit of embarrassment for the ID group,
    > Phil Johnson and other ID members, Rev. Sun Myung Moon has proclaimed "that
    > Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha - even God - have told him he is now 'the Savior,
    > Messiah and King of Kings of all of humanity!'"
    > This may have some impact on the ID movement but to explain why requires
    > some background.
    > Keith Miller, in Dec. 1999 published a note with Jonathan Well's web papers
    > proclaiming that he was a Moonie. Keith attached a note from Phillip Johnson
    > at the bottom. Johnson acknowledges that he knew Wells is a Moonie but
    > frankly expresses a big yawn for that knowledge. I posted a response to
    > Keith's note outlining what I viewed as the ID movement's lack of concern
    > for Scriptural Christianity.
    > I also had been having an e-mail conversations with Paul Nelson just
    > before Keith's note. Paul had already confirmed to me that Wells was a
    > Moonie and a fine fellow. He said that they merely disagreed about theology.
    > I should hope so! But at what point do our attempts to create an apologetic
    > become worthless for our faith?
    > I think the question for the evangelical supporters of the ID movement and
    > the Discovery Institute is: Should we support someone with views like this?
    > Will Nelson and colleagues like Steve Meyer, in light of Moon's
    > proclamation that he is the 'King of King for all humanity!" continue to
    > encourage evangelical publishers to publish Well's stuff? Wells who now must
    > believe that Sun Myung Moon is the Messiah seems to hold values quite at
    > odds with conventional Christianity. It seems to me that ID has become so
    > theologically neutral as to be of no value to Christianity.
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