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Date: Mon Jul 15 2002 - 13:12:57 EDT

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    See some of my musings on this question from a few years ago when PJ
    wrote his high school student directed book *Defeating Darwinism by
    Opening Minds*

    and my original view of *Darwin on Trial*


    >Presumably ID is supposed to be a big tent uniting theists (all of whom
    >believe that God is the creator?/designer? against antireligious
    >evolutionists, like Dawkins, Dennett, Provine etc. Yet it has not worked out
    >that way, with many religious thinkers attacking ID. Why? Are'nt Phillip,
    >Jonathon et al. on our side , fighting against the forces of darkness, led
    >by the Lord of Hellfire himself, Dawkins? (OK, maybe he isn't THE Lord of
    >Hellfire, but IMO he may be one of his minions :-)
    >Well, Glenn, George? Do you think you are giving aid and comfort to the
    >enemy by "lining up" with , say, Dawkins & Eugene Scott against defenders of
    >theism like Phillip Johnson and Jonathon Wells.? Even if they are wrong
    >about a few technical and theological issues, shouldn't we being lining up
    >with them ?

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