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Date: Mon Jul 15 2002 - 17:44:16 EDT

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    Catching up ... on July 8, Allen posted, in part:

    "So, if we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in our study, then we can rest
    assured that the same truth which He inspired into the Bible, we can get out
    of the Bible."

    I responded:

    "Whenever I see those magic words "you may rest assured," I immediately
    suspect snake oil. I do not discount the HS, but the above is empirically

    Allen then asked:

    "What, exactly do you believe to be untrue? That the Holy Spirit didn't
    inspire the writers? That the Holy Spirit does not or cannot lead us to
    understand the truth He inspired into the Bible?"

    A fair question, Allen. Of course I had already acknowledged the working of
    the HS. When I wrote "the above is empirically untru," I had in mind the
    multiplicity of denominations, most of whom assert that the HS has led THEM
    into the truth, and, by implication, all the rest are necessarily wrong.

    If you read my earlier post today, you know that I and my family have been
    favored by being part of at least ten different Protestant denominations as
    we traveled around the country with IBM. In each of these I have found good,
    devoted, scholarly, committed Christians. I could assume, of course, that at
    most one set of these people were "on track" but that would necessarily
    imply that the other nine were not "listening to the spirit." I cannot make
    that assumption.

    I do think that the HS does lead us into biblical truth, as far as the
    essentials of the faith are concerned. But it is patently clear that he does
    not do so wrt some truths, baptism for instance. Which leads me to conclude
    that while baptism may be an important thing to God, He is not particularly
    concerned how it is accomplished. That's just one example; Sunday or
    Saturday (Sabbath) worship, communion rituals, Catholic vs Protestant vs
    Orthodox, Young earth vs old earth, pre-mil vs a-mil vs post-mil, etc. etc.
    All of these have dedicated Christians, led as best they can be by the HS,
    convinced that they are right. They cannot all be.



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