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Date: Mon Jul 15 2002 - 18:08:15 EDT

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    On July 12, George, responding to my plaintive question about "total
    depravity," wrote (in part):

    " The Lutheran view (i.e., the right one :)) is that unregenerate human
    beings are completely incapable of genuine faith in God, and that therefore
    everything that they do is permeated with sin, "... This does not mean that
    acts which are outwardly in accord with the law are not possible, but that
    their motivation is not that the sinner "fears, loves, & trusts in God above
    all things."

    That makes sense. Do you know what other denominations hold (or deny) this?

        "However, the term "total depravity" is problematic for it suggests that
    there is absolutely nothing good about unregenerate humanity at all. This
    would effectively mean that such people are no longer creatures of God ..."

    That helps. I think that meaning was what I was inferring when I read the

             "Luther & the Lutheran tradition have held that even after one has
    been brought to faith by the Holy Spirit sin remains in the person.
    Luther's statement is that the Christian is simul justus et peccator - at
    the same time justified and sinner."

    And that makes sense also.

    Thanks, George.


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