Re: Psalm 137 and God's ethics

From: Jay Willingham (
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 01:25:22 EDT

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    John Burgeson wrote:

    "There are many sections of scripture which, when read in a naive manner,
    return silly ideas to the reader. Teasing out the message God has for us is
    a life long exercise; of that I am convinced."

    Amen to that. Every time I start reading the Bible from the beginning
    again, it seems I missed so much the time before, like it is truly alive.
    Other books do not even come close to doing that for me.

    "There are falsehoods (lies) in the Bible. There are actions described in
    Bible that no rational adult human can possibly believe are what God wanted
    to happen, much less are they actions God wishes us to emulate today."

    There are liars in the Bible but I believe none of it is a lie.

    "And there are mysteries enough for two lifetimes!"

    Amen, enough for eternity.

    Focusing our rationality on what God means by these mysteries is part of the
    exercise of meditating on the word day and night.

    I am convinced that all observable data fits in the word, but proving it
    empirically may be beyond our ability, beyond the veil, through the smoky

    Loving God and each other as we debate must be paramount, avoiding schisms
    over vain genealogies, but grappling with them none the less.


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