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Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 16:08:43 EDT

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    On June 24th, Bob Rogland posted another long discussion on problemmatic OT
    texts. Again, I will address part of this:


    "Burgy asked how once can reconcile the supposed command of God to kill all
    the Midianites except the girls who had never had sexual intercourse, who
    were to be saved for the Israelite men, with the nature of God as revealed
    in Jesus Christ."

    While I did do this, I decided to try to separate the "killing, capture &
    rape" verses from the "capture & rape" verses. Thus I (later) addressed the
    Deu verses.


    " is a gratuitous assumption by Burgy that it involved child rape. In
    some cases, particularly the young girls, it may simply have meant
    enslavement... ."

    Gratuitous assumption? In some cases? Here is a new challenge. Find a female
    who would agree that the passages do not assume rape.

    What we are doing here, of course, is arguing over word meanings. If you do
    not like "rape," then give me the word you would use if it was YOU that was
    a good looking young girl who was captured and told, after a month of
    preparation, that you were required to have sexual intercourse with your
    captor -- and that you had absolutely no say in the matter. Pretend I'm Dan
    Rather, interviewing you. What word would you use?


    "... while there can be no doubt that the good-looking older virgins were
    taken as wives, the practice of taking a captive woman for a wife was
    regulated and humanized somewhat by the Law: see Deuteronomy 21:10-14. ...
    Like the regulation of divorce, rules governing marriage to captive women
    ought to be considered an accommodation to the hardness of heart of the
    Israelite men. The same could be said for rules governing slavery, and
    probably a number of other practices in the OT (and NT) as well."

    I have no problem agreeing with that much.


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