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    >The problem with #4, and I will admit#4 is certainly a live option,
    >is that (1) it says God is too feeble to do any better with the
    >ancients and (2) we are getting, as a race, more mature. I have
    >difficulty with both these points. Particularly (2). <

    Perhaps #4 should be modified a bit:

    4a. God, in His reaching to the ancient Hebrews where they were,
    limited Himself to a progressive revelation of His will rather than
    giving a full and final revelation all at once.

    Objection 1 is thus answered; it is not because He was too feeble but
    because He chose self-limitation. Note especially what Jesus said
    about the divorce regulations.
    On the other hand, objection 1 does apply to the claim that God
    failed to reveal better teaching to them and they made things up or
    misunderstood. If you think God should have done better with the
    ancients, then He should not have let them think their mistakes were
    really His word.

    Objection 2 is also answered, in that it is the possession of more
    revelation, rather than inherent progres in humanity, that makes us
    potentially more mature.

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