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From: Peter Ruest (
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 11:14:45 EDT

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    Burgy wrote:
    "I seem to be getting a couple folks riled up, and this is NOT my
    intention nor my wish.

    The following may help; I send it out with some trepidation to my
    brothers and sisters in Christ, in particular to those who may be upset
    with me."

    Thank you, Burgy, for this wonderful testimony! I don't know, and I
    don't care what occasioned it. I certainly have also riled up people on
    this list with what I wrote, and occasionally, I didn't agree with what
    you wrote. But contributions such as your testimony are certainly an
    enrichment of this list!

    So let's be patient with each other, listen carefully, and if we don't
    agree, criticize (an opinion, not the person) gracefully and lovingly!
    It is, primarily, to myself that I want to tell this.

    Your brother in Christ,

    Dr. Peter Ruest, CH-3148 Lanzenhaeusern, Switzerland
    <> - Biochemistry - Creation and evolution
    "..the work which God created to evolve it" (Genesis 2:3)

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