RE: Adam from dust (was RE: Oldest Hominid-new entry from Chad)

From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 22:07:06 EDT

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    Hi Bob, Your contributions are all to rare these days.

    You wrote on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 4:11 AM:
    >Being created in the image of God, human beings could know God because God
    >made himself known to them through nature. "Ever since the
    >creation of the
    >world his eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have
    >been understood and seen through the things he has made" (vs. 20, NRSV
    >throughout). I take this to apply to earliest human beings. This
    >recognition of the divine is evident in the archeological evidence of
    >religious practices of early humans that you report to us from
    >time to time.

    Bob, I would agree with you. But you are not understanding Dick's position.
    All humans alive 4000 years ago were not human. They were like dogs and cats
    who had no soul.

    We need to find a way to go have another catfish dinner.


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