Re: Noahic Covenant

From: Vernon Jenkins (
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 15:15:30 EDT

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    In an email dated 24 June you wrote (in response to my earlier statement
    suggesting that everything
    pointed to the Flood being a _global_ event) as follows:

    If the Genesis narrative "demands" a global event and there was no
    global event,
    then you have relegated Genesis to a collection of dubious tales and
    stories with

    value as interesting literature and little more. What you intend is
    not what you
    By such statements you impugn the integrity of Scripture. That is
    the malignant
    effect of the young-earth creationist movement of which you seem to be a part.
    The effect of YEC is to drive away potential believers by giving them
    a reason to


    More recently, you have continued in the same vein:

    The one common denominator for all ASA members is that we are
    professing Christians and hold to certain essentials of the faith...
    We beat each

    other about the head and ears on non-essentials...Was the flood global or

    ...Those of us who are apologists and try to gain converts by spreading
    the gospel message, find our efforts hindered by ignorance and
    arrogance...Anti-evolutionism in the name of God is just another
    false teaching.
    It serves no useful purpose, and merely adds to the overall confusion
    that inhibits potential believers...It is difficult enough to make inroads
    against the layers of
    skepticism that have always existed. Now we have to convince
    educated non-Christians that we who are followers of Christ do not
    reside in scientific la la land.

    The true nature and extent of the Flood can hardly be downplayed as a
    "non-essential" matter for the
    Christian because our correct reading of earth history rests largely upon this
    one event - as I'm sure you
    must agree. Let me reiterate the principal reasons for my believing it to have
    been _global_:

    (1) The logic and power of the narrative and its sequel.

    (2) The need to build an ark surely suggests there would be no higher ground to
    which Noah could
    migrate (surely the simplest solution to the coming problem - had it been

    (3) The testimony of two NT commentators - one of whom had certainly
    walked with
    Jesus. In the Greek of
    Heb.11:7 and 2Pet.2:5 we find the word "kosmos" used; in the context of these
    passages this can only be
    rendered _world_ . Had _land_ been intended, then the word "chora"
    was available
    and would surely have been used. The inevitable outcome of the event
    is confirmed
    by the Lord Himself in the parallel passages, Mt.24:37,38 and Lk.17:26,27.

    Such considerations would hardly convince an educated potential
    convert that the
    Flood was _local_. And rather than accusing me of impugning the
    integrity of the
    Scriptures by drawing attention to these realities perhaps you would now admit
    that the only reason you believe as you do is because your faith in evolution
    overrides such matters as simple logic and the just demands of God's Word.


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