Re: Burgy's Testimony

From: J Burgeson (
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 17:48:46 EDT

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    >>It can also operate as a kind of theological blackmail, for after someone
    described some intense experience it seems a little churlish to criticize
    him or her for bad theology.>>

    Good point, George. I hope nobody holds back from criticism of my ideas
    because of my recent post. It was not intended that way.

    I would, however, point out that it is one thing to criticise a person and
    another to criticise a person's ideas. My post was generated, at least in
    part, because of off line e-mail messages I received from certain persons I
    consider my brothers (no sisters yet) in Christ which did the first (in
    "love" of course).

    The post was also generated in part because of Terry's post of a few weeks
    ago which indicated it might be a good thing for us to know one another
    better. I thought that was a pretty good idea. On my Compuserve forums we
    have done that several times; it seemed to have cut down on the flaming as a


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