Re: YHWH (Was Re: Scripture: Intrusion Ethics)

From: J Burgeson (
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 18:29:53 EDT

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    On July 12, George posted:

    John Burgeson wrote:

    >When I teach Stephen Ministry classes there is a poster I display and often
    >refer to which speaks to this. It reads:
    >"God" is not God's name.
    >It is the marks and noise we humans make to refer to the great mystery
    >that lies beyond -- and within.

    George commented as follows:

    "...However, the Christian claim is that God is not just "the great mystery"
    insofar as God has revealed Godself in the history of Israel which
    culminates in Jesus. Part of that revelation is a name - YHWH and
    eventually "Father, Son and Holy Spirit." These are not simply "marks and
    noises we humans make" but God's self-identification (via, of course, human
    language). The point of course is not that there is any magic in these
    letters or sounds but that our knowledge of God, partial though it certainly
    is, can be based on God's revelation of who God is."

    Point well taken. I probably should have said something to this effect when
    I posted the saying.



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