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Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 13:40:19 EDT

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    As suggested by Doug Hayword and endorsed by others, we're going to
    set the first seven days in August to be the "biography" week. If you
    are a regular poster to the group (or even just a lurker) and you are
    willing please post a brief bio sketch, giving your
    vocation/educational background/scientific interests/age/how long
    you've been a Christian (if you are one)/church-denominational
    affiliation (if you have one)/theological training-background/the
    reasons you are interested in the ASA and the list/web links to
    personal or professional home pages and anything else you want to

    In the interest of brevity, I suggest that you use the form

    Educational Background:
    Vocational Background:

    And then if there is something you want to share that doesn't nicely
    fit into that form, write in whatever form you like.

    Of course, none of this is obligatory--feel free to add or subtract
    from the list above. Keep in mind that the list is archived on the
    web--so anything you send us will be on the web and indexed by search
    engines! Be as circumspect as you feel to be necessary on such a

    The first seven days in August corresponds to the the ASA meeting at
    Pepperdine so it will be good to take a break from our discussion. I
    will only post the bios and reports from the meeting during that
    time. We're currently getting 30-40 posts per day. Since we only have
    about 150 subscribers this should cut the volume down significantly
    during that time.

    Please send your info in with the subject line:

    BIO: your name

    If you send in a report from the meeting please use the subject line:

    PEPPERDINE: topic

    No other posts will be accepted during this time--and let's keep
    comments and questions about BIOs off-line--send them to the
    individual involved.


    Terry M. Gray, Ph.D., Computer Support Scientist
    Chemistry Department, Colorado State University
    Fort Collins, Colorado  80523
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