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Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 02:39:13 EDT

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    From: "D. F. Siemens, Jr." <>
    > What Allen posted concerning the soul is standard SDA teaching, usually
    > described as "soul sleep." I consider the claims special pleading. The
    > nonreductionistic monism of Nancey Murphy and others happens to overlap
    > it. As I and Paul noted some time back, the latter group ignores all the
    > scriptures that do not fit their view.

    It isn't clear whom you mean by "the latter group." If you are refering to
    SDAs, I'd be happy to consider the scriptures that "do not fit their view."

    I will here go further and state
    > that nonreductive monism cannot accommodate the incarnation. I have
    > submitted a paper to EPS arguing this point.

    The incarnation was unique. Jesus was fully God who took on human nature,
    and so, was also fully human. Unlike us, He had a dual nature -- divine and
    human, but he never used his divine nature while living on earth. He
    depended fully upon the Father for everything. Because Jesus is God, there
    is no way that he could become exactly like us -- of a single nature. He
    was Divine, that put on humanity. We are just human.

    Jesus was tempted just as we all are, in all ways. It may even have been
    harder for Him to live a life of full dependence upon God, because He could
    have done things on His own that we could never do. For instance, Satan
    tempted Him to turn stones to bread so that He could abate his hunger. That
    would never be a temptation for any of us because we could not turn stones
    to bread no matter how hard we tried.

    Jesus' dual nature in no way implies that we have a dual nature. Salvation
    does not require for Jesus to quit becoming divine to become human. All
    that matters is that he lived a sinless human life only using the same
    resources that are available to us.

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