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Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 04:13:43 EDT

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    > While granting that there are some problems with the
    > physicalism" of N. Murphy et al, it should also be recognized that there
    > long been a tendency to think that the Bible tells us more about the
    > of the human person between death & the resurrection than it in fact does.
    > No idea about this - "soul sleep", "our souls go to heaven when we die" or
    > whatever should be considered an essential aspect of Christian faith.
    > should be considered crucial is belief in the resurrection of the whole
    > person.

    The concept of the resurrections (of both the rightous and the wicked) is
    somewhat undermined by the idea of souls going immediately to heaven or hell
    (or even purgetory) shortly after death, because why even have a
    resurrection of the living being/soul if the eternal soul is already living
    in heaven or hell? This also has an impact of the concept of the Judement.
    Jesus says that when he returns in the second coming he will bring the
    rewards for mankind with Him. But it the righteous and wicked have already
    gone to heaven or hell at death, why bother bringing the rewards at such a
    late time? I think that the concept of "soul anihilation" verses the
    "immortal soul" are pivital to the Christian faith and doctrine.


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