Closer and closer to the flood

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 07:32:56 EDT

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    I will immediately throw this out to the list, because it is too hot
    to hold.

    I was researching yesterday. There is actually validity to the idea
    that the Israelites were in Egypt 215 years, not 430.

    Supposedly, they have carbon dated the flood to 2900 BC, in the book
    "Noah's Ark and the Ziusudra Epic: Sumerian Origins of the Flood Myth"
    by Robert M. Best (it should be arriving in my mail shortly).

    Anyway, this would lend weight to the Septuagint and Samaritan Pentateuch
    over the Masoretic text.

    The scalding part of this is the ages of the Hebrews, using the LXX/SP
    post-flood numbers (children at 130).

    Thus, Abraham ca. 1950 BC and the Septuagint (minus the second Cainan) puts
    950 years between the flood and Abraham.

    Jim Eisele
    Genesis in Question

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