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    Hello Allen,

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    > Some claim that SDAs invented the idea of death being like
    > sleep. However,
    > when Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha died, Jesus told
    > his disciples
    > that Lazarus was asleep. They thought he meant that the
    > sickness had broken
    > and Lazarus was going to get better after sleeping for a
    > while. But Jesus
    > said, "Lazarus is dead." He later raised Lazarus from the
    > dead. So, it is
    > Jesus who has said that death is like being asleep. When we
    > sleep we loose
    > consciousness and are unaware of anything around us until we gain
    > consciousness and wake up. Death is like that. When a
    > person dies, he/she
    > looses consciousness and doesn't know anything. In the resurrection,
    > consciousness returns and the person awakes from the dead. A
    > person who
    > dies may be dead for hundreds or thousands of years. Yet, at the
    > resurrection it will seem to them as but a moment, because their last
    > thought was as they were dying and their next thought happens
    > as they come
    > back to life.

    People do not lose consciousness when they are asleep. If we are not
    aware of anything around us, then why is it that we can be awakened
    by loud noises or other events in the environment? Sleep is not the
    lost of consciousness.

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