Re: Not challenging secularism of science

From: Keith B Miller (
Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 15:47:59 EDT

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    >First let me concede Michael point that poor science among many YEC has
    >done the Gospel damage. But in this country (less so in Britain), the
    >lack of effective challenge of the secular roots of our science has I
    >think been a serious weakness of mainstream evangelical scientists. In
    >my view it has resulted in a perception among mainstream Christian laity
    >the evangelical scientists have really compromised the Gospel and
    >encouraged their looking to alternatives like YEC.

    What do you mean by the "secular roots of our science"? I do not see how
    an anti-theistic assumption undergirds modern science. If anything,
    scientific principles developed openly within a theistic worldview. It is
    quite true that many scientists (though not nearly as many as critics would
    have you believe) use, or rather abuse, science as a part of an
    anti-theistic apologetic. However, there is a lot of different between
    using science to support a particular worldview, and having that worldview
    be the basis of the scientific enterprise.


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