Re: Noahic Covenant

Date: Sun Jul 21 2002 - 02:24:37 EDT

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    Gordon wrote,

    << I think there are some pretty good clues in Genesis that
      point away from a 17,000 foot volcano as being the resting place of the
      ark. Before the water had receded from the land around the ark, other
      mountains were visible even though Ararat is the highest mountain in the
      region. Where was the olive tree growing? The description of the drying up
      of the ground doesn't sound like what would happen to volcanic rock. >>

    Gordon, please explicate your thinking. The way I read Gen 8:4,5 is that
    after the ark grounded, there were two and a half months of the water falling
    yet further before other mountain tops became visible. This implies that the
    ark landed very high up in the mountains. It may not have landed on what is
    now called Mt. Ararat, but it must have been on some much higher than average
    mountain in Urartu, some mountain apparently virtually equivalent to Ararat.
    This may not conflict at all with what your are driving at, but I'm not sure
    what you are driving at.


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