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Date: Sun Jul 21 2002 - 21:04:22 EDT

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    Hi Marque. Nice to see a new spirit on board. (for those of us who believe in
    spirits and souls.)

    Anyhow, to butt in: --- in the "for what it is worth" category.

    I do not think that one can validly argue about the impossibility of what God
    can do. I.E. too much water! -- where did it go to? etc.

    As scientists we can, however, argue about the residual evidence on the earth.
    That is an issue of what God _DID_ do, rather than what He _CAN_ do. That has
    been the past focus and I believe that it is the correct focus. God could have
    done creation in 6 literal days, for example -- but the physical evidence seems
    not to support this. As scientists we need evidence -- not calculations of
    impossibilities. With our God everything is possible -- but not all all things
    are refuted by the residual physical evidence.

    As I recall, your argument was based solely upon a "physical impossibility"
    (miracle) that God would not be able to make happen. If we took that
    as a basis,
    then the entire gospel message would be in question. That would make the
    Spongers very happy.

    I think.


    Victorian Wife wrote:

    > Hi Vernon,
    > You appear to wish to nit-pik specific words but not to grapple with overall
    > concepts when it comes to a global flood. Is there some reason that you did
    > not address my scientific considerations when it comes to the possibility of
    > a global flood? Scientific inquiry just really does not support the
    > hypothesis.
    > Marque
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