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    >Are YEC: "Young Earth Creationist"; OEC "Old Earth Creationist";
    >and EPS "Evangelical Philosophical Society" descriptive of
    >particular organizations or simple shorthand for wide ranges of

    YEC and OEC (and TE, for Theistic Evolutionist or ID for Intelligent
    Design) are generally used as shorthand for wide ranges of view on
    this list. However, in arguments such as the Scientific American
    list of bogus antievolutionary arguments and the "rebuttals", such
    terms (though not these abbreviations) tend to be identified with the
    views of a single advocate in order to inaccurately either disparage
    or extol a given view. (E.g., claiming that "creationists" are
    trying to impose their way through hoodwinking legislatures and
    judges, when only some of them do so or claiming that an admission on
    the AiG web page that a particular argument is not good indicates
    that no "creationist" uses it.)

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