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Date: Mon Jul 22 2002 - 21:30:53 EDT

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    Jim Eisele wrote on Sunday, July 21, 2002 5:12 PM
    >Here's a little more evidence. Five of the literary epics
    >(Bible included) have the ship landing in the Ararat region.
    >At the moment, my best guess is that this is Abiabene, just below
    >the Little Zab. No need to be dogmatic about that. Noah & family
    >probably got tired of being on moving water. So they "headed for
    >the hills." BTW, Dick just e-mailed me that the deposits at
    >Lagash were "water-laid" clay.

    Here I simply must protest the silliness going on here. [Sarcastic mode on]
    Almost ALL shales are water-laid (shale being a synonym for clay). And guess
    what? We are along a river and rivers amazingly carry WATER (obviously a
    new discovery). Think of the amazing coicidence this presents. That one
    would find water laid shale next to a river is so unlikely as to be beyond
    comprehension. Wow!!!! water laid sediments along a river valley. What will
    we think of next???? Cow patties in a pasture? [sarcastic mode off]

    Lagash is along the Tigris
    ( so it
    isn't very surprising, Dick to find water laid clays. What do you expect?


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