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            The problem I see here is that according to what I have heard, for the
    embryo to go on to be a human being, it has to implant in the wall of the
    uterus. Otherwise, it just gets washed out with the next menstrual
    flow-something that happens quite often. Do those embryos have fully formed
    souls too?
    According to this web site, the spinal cord and nervous system does not
    start to form until day 1o. The major organs, including ( I guess )the brain
    ( the presumed seat of the soul) form by somewhere around day 70.
    Are there any experts on fetal development out there?If we are going to
    guess about the date of the infusion of the soul, let us have an educated

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    Hello All,

    Just a suggestion: How about the traditional view, that the huamn
    soul is fully formed upon conception and therefore, the conceptus is
    a fully human person?

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            << Even with this answer, however, it is OK to speculate,
    realizing that this
            is metaphysics, not science. One speculation is that the
    infusion of a soul
            is a PROCESS, and takes place over the many months of gestation, and,
            perhaps, is not complete until sometime in childhood. I don't like this
            speculation; it implies that there are such things as either
    "partial souls"
            or "incomplete souls." >>


            How about an "immature soul"? That makes the soul a
    developing dimension of
            human beings, reaching full maturity perhaps sometime in
    early adolescence,
            or at the age of accountability, as some of us old timers called it.

            Just speculating.



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