RE: Infusion of the soul as a process

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Date: Tue Jul 23 2002 - 11:59:44 EDT

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    Marque answered my objection by writing:

    "Conception is an event and not a process,as I see it. There is a point
    when the sperm fertilizes the egg that a protective barrier is formed around
    the egg so that no other sperm can enter (this takes a matter of a couple of

    One hour -- or two minutes -- or 2 microseconds -- I do not see how the
    argument I made differs.

    I can see your other argument, and it holds.

    Briefly, I restate your position as:

    1. The soul is infused at some point of time, scientifically undefined and
    unmeasurable (i.e. this is a philosophical, not a scientific argument) in
    the conception process.

    2. If the conceptus subsequently splits into twins, a second soul is infused
    at that point.

    I observe that an equally useful position would be that God infused two
    souls during the conception process. I like that argument better.

    3. If the two twins subsequently fuse, one or the other of them dies, and
    the soul that it had is treated as the soul of any other unborn embryo.

    I think the set holds together OK as a possible metaphysical position,
    consistent with what we do know from science. It does not satisfy me, but
    that's probably my problem.


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