RE: Infusion of the soul as a process

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Date: Wed Jul 24 2002 - 13:53:40 EDT

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            Well, I would suggest that we first all agree on a common definition of
    "soul". I suggested one: I have heard at least one different definition.
    What's yours, Adrian or anyone else?

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    Hello Shuan,

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            Unfortunately, this is probably as "clean" as it gets. A
    difficulty I see is
            that "soul" is commonly thought be the thinking, conscious center of a
            person, essentially synonymous with "mind". Since " mind" and
    "brain" are
            related from a scientific point of view, I find it hard to
    understand an
            infusion before the development of the brain. Maybe we all
    need to settle on
            a definition of "soul" ( Does anyone have James Brown's email ?):-)

            Adrian: You seem to take a functionalist view of personhood,
    i.e. that personhood is defined by the capacities of the biological
    entity. However, although one cannot function as a person without
    being a person, one can surely be a person without functioning as one
    (e.g. in deep sleep, coma, autism). The capacity or function is an
    indicator and an effect of being a person, but it cannot define the
    person. Functionalists makes the mistake of confusing the sign from
    the thing signified.

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