Re: The Flood Hoax

From: Darryl Maddox (
Date: Wed Jul 24 2002 - 15:08:57 EDT

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    > Apparently the flood is a REALLY BIG deal to YECs.

    It doe appear that way though why I don't know unless they have already
    answered the questions about who were the "daugheters of men" and the "sons
    of god" who caused all the trouble to begin with. I havn't a clue who they
    were . Perhaps some has some thoughts?

    > Has anyone actually read the Genesis Flood? It seems like
    > a pretty big book. I have, twice.

    >What is actually in it?
      In my "opinion" a lot of bad information and bad logic and a very strong
    indication the authors knew lots of "stuff" about geology, but didn't
    actually know any geology. Kind of like a person who has worked around
    geologists for several years and knows the vocabulary but hasn't studied the
    literature or rocks so when they actually have to do something it becomes
    apparent they only know the words, not the subject. Admittedly it is an old
    book and so some of the information is simply out of date but that doesn't
    excuse the bad logic.

    Has anyone put
    > together a "top ten pieces of baloney" list?

    I think more than one person has (don't you ever look up anti-creation sites
    on the internet?) but why bother, in 6 months they will just have come up
    with one or two new ones and keep repeating the old ones. You can't make a
    communist out of a capitalist (or the reverse either for that matter)
    without some serious brain washing, and a bit of logic and a couple of
    examples of bad data generally isn't enough. I had a friend who had two
    foreign exchange students from Russian and it took years for them the girls
    and the temporary parents to understand the others views and thought
    > A little extra time on my hands now that no one on the list
    > dares refute the Mesopotamian flood :-),

    Why bother, floods happen. They had one in the Mississippi valley about 10
    years ago and south Texas is having a pretty good one now. The fact that
    someone bothered to write it down doesn't make it worth arguing with; unless
    someone wants to make it a global flood (which is still the only way I can
    read it because English is the only language I read and as near as I can
    tell that is what all the versions of the Bible I have say). Guess I should
    have checked that statement before making it but I'll live dangerously


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