RE: Infusion of the soul as a process

From: Adrian Teo (
Date: Wed Jul 24 2002 - 18:16:51 EDT

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    Hello Burgy,

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    >>Cells do not develop into human persons. Personhood is a
            discrete category. The person either exist or not. I maintain that a
            person comes into existence at the point of fusion.>>

            And, as I said, that's fine. But at least recognize that the "point of
            fusion" is still a process, and not an event, and so your position is
            necessarily a metaphysical statement, for that "point" can never be
            scientifically defined.


            Adrian: The reason why I am careful to use the word "point"
    is to suggest an instant, more specifically, that instant in time
    when fusion is completed. Scientifically, that is probably
    unmeasurable, But for the sake of argument, there is a beginning
    point at which the full complement of 46 chromosomes is in place and

            Perhaps that point cannot be scientifically defined, but
    nevertheless, it is reasonable to hold that there is such apoint at
    which a person comes into existence, just as Christians have
    traditionally maintained that there is a point at which creation came
    into being.


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