RE: Coal and YEC models

From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Thu Jul 25 2002 - 08:57:35 EDT

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    Bill Payne wrote on Wednesday, July 24, 2002 7:09 PM

    >I did not misunderstand what you said. You have locked into your big
    >picture and closed your mind to contrary data. Not a real good stance
    >for a scientist, IMHO.

    Bill, If a used car salesman brings me a pig with two saddles on it and
    says: "This GM car will give you a great ride! Just look at the leather
    seats!" One is obligated to take a look at the big picture and realize that
    this is a pig not a car and that GM stands, not for General Motors, but for
    Genetically Modified. So when I say, "But it is a PIG!" and the guy replies,
    "No it's not! Look at those leather seats" it won't be dogma, or a closed
    mind that keeps me muttering to him, "But it is a PIG!"

    >I'll get back to you on the biosphere and coal.

    Bill, I would suggest that if you had a well-thought out, fully developed
    theory, you would have had an answer right now. This business of
    young-earth/global flood people always having to get back to us on various
    topics is clearly an indication that these items have received NO
    forethought at all. Why is it that global flood advocates only look at the
    saddles to determine what the object is rather than looking at everything?

    You are like that car salesman above. All you want to look at is coal and
    you ignore all other facts in your single minded pursuit of the global
    flood. Your theory doesn't have four wheels; it has four cloven feet!


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